MMIS is an Oman-based hotel and asset management company with a primary focus on mid-range properties in the hospitality sector.  Characterised by rapid growth, tightening economic conditions, and changing supply dynamics, the industry has seen many developments over recent years.  These changes have meant that MMIS, and the industry itself, must actively pursue new revenue streams while continually adapting the core products to better suit the market requirements.

Unlike its larger and more rigid competitors, one of the key strengths of MMIS is the ability to quickly and effectively identify and adopt new technologies and working models found in our dynamic business environment.  Once introduced, these strengths quickly translate into an improved bottom line for all MMIS businesses.

While the core business of MMIS is centred around mid-range hotels, the growing demand for serviced offices and extended stay properties have been identified as key sectors moving forward.

Having established in the region in 2006, MMIS identified and delivered a range of commercial projects, either as manager, operator, advisor or investor.  MMIS has a proven track record as an operator that delivers stable revenues and consistent profits, even through the recent unsettling world events.   

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Through all its operations MMIS works to maintain the international standards of the business and the integrity and value of the property.  This approach improves the commercial returns of the asset.

The strategy going forward is for MMIS to create a GCC mid-range hotel brand and develop strategic alliances with investors and hotel developers.  The strategy is also to identify and restore the value of distressed properties through the MMIS Distressed Property Solution.

Another key focus for MMIS is the development of the MMIS Hotel Investment Pool which funds the purchase of key hotel properties in Oman.

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