CNN | 7 deluxe reasons to visit Oman

Earlier this month CNN, through its Elite Escapes coverage, published a very positive article on the Sultanate of Oman.  Under the heading “7 deluxe reasons to visit Oman” the article introduced the Sultanate with the following:


While the United Arab Emirates draws international visitors to its flashy five-star hotels and massive shopping malls, its neighbor to the east, Oman, has taken a slightly more subtle approach to developing its tourism industry.

Oman is hoping that the preservation of its heritage sites and spectacular landscapes -- rather than rapid modernization of both -- will attract visitors seeking a more laid back Arabian experience.

The capital, Muscat, may not have many towering glass skyscrapers, but that doesn't mean that visitors to this Gulf nation have to rough it.


Oman has a wealth of luxury experiences that provide modern comforts in a unique Middle Eastern setting.

The article then goes on to list the seven reasons.  Click here to see what they are.

Such an article positions Oman as a distinctive tourist destination.  In the midst of international turmoil, it identifies the special qualities that Oman is offering the world.  When such an article comes from an internationally respected news organisation such as CNN it encourages others to view Oman in a more favourable light.

All of which strengthens the image of the Sultanate within the international tourism industry and clearly supports the efforts of His Majesty’s Government.

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More information

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Mac Thomson


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