News on Oman

Mashable | Oman has a Grand Canyon that’s better than Arizona’s.  And it’s guarded by goats

Mashable | Jebel Shams Goat #1

For hikers looking for eye-popping views rather than physical challenges, the vast canyon at Jebel Shams in Oman is unbeatable … What’s more, hikers have it all to themselves.  Well, almost.

— Jamie Carter

Mashable has just published an entertaining and positive article on hiking in Jebel Shams.  …

The Independent | Oman on two wheels: a motorcycle diary in the Middle East

The Independent - Oman on two wheels #1

With centuries-old culture to discover, pristine new roads through majestic mountains and cheap petrol for sale, the Sultanate is a compelling choice for a road trip.

— Jeremy Taylor

The Independent - Oman on two wheels #2

In early May, in the online edition of The Independent, Jeremy Taylor wrote about his recent a excursion around Oman on a 1690cc Harley-Davidson.  …

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