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The Economist | Oman's new port: Sleepy no more

Oman’s new port - Sleepy no more | The Economist

The Economist confirms the vision of the Sultanate of Oman as an international business hub with a reliable and sustainable business future - one that is not dependent on “dwindling reserves of oil”.

BCG | Global Wealth 2014: Oman in top 10 millionaire household rating

BCG | Riding a Wave of Growth (Cover)

This month the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) issued their fourteenth annual report on the global wealth-management industry.  According to the report, Global Wealth 2014: Riding a Wave of Growth

Foreign Policy | Where to invest around the world

Where Should You Invest Overseas? BPI Map 2014

In May-14 Foreign Policy magazine published the 2014 Baseline Profitability Index (BPI).  The BPI provides data and analysis of where to invest around the world and was created by Daniel Altman, an economist and internationally bestselling author who currently serves as an adjunct associate professor of economics at New York University’s Stern School of Business.

Stratfor | Conversation: Oman’s Geopolitical Importance


In May-14, Stratfor, an international geopolitical intelligence and advisory firm, released on YouTube an interview with Robert D Kaplan on the “emerging significance of Oman in the region and the world”.

Vanity Fair | A visitor’s guide to Oman

Vanity Fair | A Visitor’s Guide to Oman (Cover)

In the May-14 issue of Vanity Fair, Tom Freston has written an enthusiastic article about his recent visit to Oman, the Middle East’s most welcoming absolute monarchy.  His byline provides an incisive summary of his view of Oman.

EIU | The Business environment in the GCC

EIU - The Business environment in GCC countries (Cover)

Recently the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), a sister company of The Economist, issued the report, The Business environment in Gulf Co-operation Council countries.  This objective report examines the ease of doing business in the six states of the GCC.

WTTC | Oman to lead in tourism growth

WTTC Oman 2014 - Key Facts
WTTC Oman 2014 (Cover)

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) has just released the 2014 Travel & Tourism Economic Impact Report.

The WTTC Report on Oman shows that Oman is improving in every assessed category, and in most groups it is ranked higher than much of the Middle East - which itself is a leader in these industries.  …

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