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9 issues still confronting the Oman hospitality industry

Colliers | MENA Hotel Forecasts 1611 (Page 1 Nov-16)

The Sultanate of Oman consistently receives positive international media coverage. Recently two news reports promoted the tourism offerings from the Sultanate to a potential market of more than 90 million people.

Oman was listed as #8 in the Lonely Planet Best in Travel 2017 - Top Countries

The most attractive opportunity in Muscat is …


… branded, budget/economy hotels represent the most attractive development opportunity as the hospitality sector in Muscat matures and expect to see an upturn in development activity in this segment of the market moving forward. 

Muscat Property Market Outlook
Winter 2016/17

New York Times | A carefree getaway just off the Persian Gulf

There has been a surge in tourism in recent years, in part because of its attractive, quiet shores and warm, dolphin-rich seas.

— Eva Sohlman and Neil MacFarquhar
The New York Times

This week The New York Times published a very positive article about Oman under the heading “A Carefree Getaway Just Off the Persian Gulf

Lonely Planet Oman is #8 in the Lonely Planet Best in Travel 2017 - Top Countries

8 Oman Grand Mosque Muscat Sunset watermark

Oman has been the ace in Arabia’s pack for a while, but with more flights than ever before and high-end hotels popping up all over the place, the sultanate looks ready to raise its game yet again.

Recently the Lonely Planet listed Oman in the Best in Travel 2017 - Top Countries. …

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